.To capture the detail in a portrait I need high-quality reference photos. Here are some tips for getting the best image and some good and not so good examples.
  1. Take your photo with a digital camera, a phone camera might not be sharp enough to capture all the details.
  1. If possible, take your photo outside in natural light, if this is not possible, take beside a window.
  1. Get down close to the subject and eye level shots are usually the best. You may need to lie on the floor if your pet is very small, or lift them onto a table if it is safe to do so.
  1.  Remove any the pets collar or bridle if you do not wish this to be included. Dress/style the subject in the way you would like them to appear. Although I can use a bit of artistic licence … removing food from around a toddlers mouth or an ill-timed spot.

This photo is great, if you click
on the image you can see lots
of details including the eyes,
nose and the fur textures.

This photo is very cute but
not clear enough to work with,
it is low resolution and
rather blurry.


If you wish to use a photograph taken by a professional photographer please ask for their permission first. Even though this is a photo of your family member or pet there may be copyright issues.
I may be able to work from printed photographs but please contact me as I would need to see a scan first.
If you are struggling to get a good quality photograph and live in the Aberdeenshire area, I may be able to come and take one for you at an additional cost